Ghosts star reveals deleted character that was cut from show

ghosts star and co-creator Mathew Baynton has revealed that Button House would’ve been even more crowded had they gone with a scrapped storyline.

The actor and writer has said that another ghostly character almost made the cut of the first season, but ended up being deleted.

“A guy called Pete, who haunted the neighboring property that has long since been demolished. So he’s just standing in a field. The idea was that they could always reference, ‘Oh, it could be worse’,” Baynton told press during the Edinburgh International TV Festival.

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“What we wanted was a situation where they hate these people for moving into their house and threatening to renovate it and turn it into a hotel, but that Alison could always turn around and go, ‘Do you want to be like that? Because if we don’t do this, this place would probably just end up demolished and that’s what your fate would be’.

“SW [it was] the reason for the ghosts to be, like, ‘Actually, we’ve got it fairly good here, we should pipe down’.”

Sadly, Pete never became part of the sizeable spirit ensemble, as the Thomas Thorne actor said.

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“I think it was because the scripts were too long, and it was also something that would have been tricky to keep doing,” Baynton explained.

ghosts follows couple Alison and Mike Cooper (feel good‘s Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe) as they attempt to renovate a house she has inherited. Soon it becomes clear the mansion is haunted, with the spirits ready to do anything in their supernatural power to stop the renovations.

Filming for the already confirmed fourth season wrapped in March this year, but there’s no official release date as of yet.

ghosts seasons one, two and three are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Season four will air on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.

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