Is Yoga Better Than Going To The Gym? Expert Answers

Are you looking for that one fitness technique that will help you lose weight, steer clear of diseases and more? Yoga might be the best option for you.

Yoga not only works on the outside to give you a perfectly toned body, but it also works on your inside on your circulatory system, your respiratory system, your hormonal system, and your digestive system to synchronize your bodily functions. It also works on reducing stress through breath and relaxation. At a subtler, more subconscious level, yoga also works on your prana, the vital life force purifying your body and mind. Asanas have healing properties.

Even a short 10-minute practice can yield tremendous results. It can lead to weight loss, it can lead to chiselled abs, it can remedy back pain and help with chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, it can improve your eyesight and it can even help you cope with heartbreak. More than anything else, it can help you lead a better, more balanced life. Like many alternative forms of wellness, yoga steadily lets you progress on your path of self-improvement and creates permanent positive change with no nasty side effects.

Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

When you breathe correctly, you reduce stress levels; when you balance your toes, you balance your mind; when you challenge yourself by trying a difficult asana, you face your fears. Yoga prepares and disciplines your body and mind for a deeper spiritual experience. Through the purging of negative thoughts and habits, you begin to declutter your mind and thus your life. The five essential points of yoga are proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, proper exercise and positive thinking. The benefits are endless, but the ones I consider most important are listed here.

Physical Benefits

  1. When you do inverted postures you kick-start circulation. This prevents ailments such as obesity, peripheral vascular disease, and high blood cholesterol and rejuvenates and revitalizes your systems.
  2. Chest-expanding asanas help you breathe correctly and release tension.
  3. Twisting postures massage the internal organs of your body.
  4. Asanas work on muscles to free them of lactic acid and release tension.
  5. Asanas work on lymphatic systems to detoxify your body.
  6. As per Ayurveda, the stomach is where all diseases begin and end, so doing regular yoga helps in keeping your digestive system strong.
  7. Asanas work on balancing the hormonal systems leading to better skin, hair, and regular menstrual cycles.

Emotional Benefits

  1. Hormonal balance leads to more balanced moods.
  2. Certain asanas work on the pancreas, stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  3. Asanas stimulate the release of happy hormones like serotonin or endorphins, hormones which make us feel good.

Subconscious Benefits

  1. Mental control instills discipline
  2. focus
  3. concentration
  4. Creative High

Whatever your personal goals are, they can be achieved through yoga whether it’s weight loss, increasing flexibility in your body, building strength or toning your body. Even something like hair growth and skin problems can be improved through the practice of yoga. However, yoga is not a temporary or instant quick fix. Instead, it is a sustainable practice that works internally to bring about permanent change. With a bit of time (only 10 minutes) and a dash of patience, yoga will yield benefits that can, and will, last a lifetime.

(The article is contributed by Ira Trivedi, Celebrity Influencer and Founder, Yog Love)

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