Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Pregnancy Pic May Offer Deadpool 3 Tease

A sweet Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pregnancy picture may offer a Deadpool 3 tease with the former wearing an oddly specific superhero suit.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Shortly after indicating he had begun training for the film, a heartwarming Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pregnancy picture may offer a Dead Pool 3 tease. Reynolds and Lively first met while filming the former’s second attempt at the comic book movie genre with Green Lantern, which infamously was a critical and commercial failure at the time of its release. The stars married just two years later and have become one of Hollywood’s favorite celebrity couples, well-known for poking fun at one another on their social media as much as their love for one another.


While Reynolds has made a name for himself for a variety of performances, his turn as the fourth wall-breaking mercenary Wade Wilson has become one of his most iconic, even with the brief glimpse of the character in the widely panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Reynolds would get a proper go with the character in 2016’s dead pool and its equally acclaimed 2018 sequel, with audiences having been left on the hook for a third movie following the Disney-Fox merger. The actor has been hard at work with Marvel Studios to bring his character from him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Dead Pool 3 currently in the works with FreeGuy‘s Shawn Levy at the helm and original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick back, and now audiences may be getting an exciting tease for the long-awaited film.

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On the heels of announcing the exciting news to the public, Blake Lively took to Instagram with a collection of pregnancy photos for her and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child, while also calling out paparazzi for their efforts to get photos of her. Included in the gallery of photos is one of Lively and Reynolds, with the latter in the ash and duct tape-covered Dead Pool 2 suit, potentially offering a Dead Pool 3 clue. Check out the images below:

While Reynolds has frequently shared photos of himself wearing the Deadpool suit he took from the original film, the costume seen in the above photo is specifically the one from the Dead Pool 2 finale, having taped together the top and bottom halves after being torn apart by Juggernaut and covered in Ash from Russell’s fire blasts. Though it could be argued that the photo was taken during Dead Pool 2‘s production, at which point Reynolds would have reason to be in the suit, Reynolds and Lively’s first child was born in December 2014, well before the filming of either dead pool movieswhile their second was born in September 2016, a year before Dead Pool 2 kicked off, and their third in October 2019, over a year after the latter came out. With Reynolds and Lively having confirmed they were pregnant with their fourth child earlier this week, it does seem more likely that the image would be from her current pregnancy, thus raising the question of why Reynolds would be in his Dead Pool 2 suit.

Theories have swirled about how Reynolds’ beloved Marvel hero would make his way into the MCU with Dead Pool 3 since the film’s confirmation, ranging from the multiverse storytelling of the current Multiverse Saga to simply dropping him in thanks to his meta abilities. Given Reynolds teased in early August he had started his Dead Pool 3 training, it could be speculated that his wearing the tattered suit has something to do with the new film, including production having secretly kicked off and beginning with a flashback to work the Merc with a Mouth into the MCU. While audiences await further news for the long-awaited sequel, they can revisit the original two dead pool movies streaming on Disney+ now.

Source: Blake Lively/instagram

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