The new Space Race is all about your smartphone

There’s been a lot of talk about satellite connectivity lately, with companies like Apple, T-Mobile, and even Huawei boasting the technology in their latest phones and upcoming plans. But what does this mean for consumers and carriers, and should we care?

Despite the different ways companies approach this mode of communication, analysts expect direct satellite connectivity to become more ubiquitous in consumer-grade smartphones. And even with some already beating others to the punch, analysts expect it may be some time before we can tap into the full scope of the technology.


T-Mobile and SpaceX team up for Coverage Above & Beyond

(Image credit: SpaceX)

As it stands, there are a few major players in the race for satellite connectivity. Thanks to Apple’s marketing prowess and loyal customer base, the iPhone 14 represents a big push in mindshare for the technology as one of the first consumer-grade smartphones to launch with the feature. However, I say “one of the first” because Huawei launched its latest flagship Matte 50 series with satellite connectivity just days before the Apple event.

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